Heal yourself with this transformational deep dive into the core of your challenges and push through the energy blockages holding you back. Open the chakras with energy healing work that will move your soul to highest vibrations. Return, through past life regression, karmic astrology and consciousness coaching, to the seed level of your greatest challenges.  Heal them in the past and create space for your new reality!

Have you read the books, done the courses but struggle to shift your energy?

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Are you ready to release and let go of negativity?

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Are you ready to master areas of your life that have been in chaos?

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Do you want change your life but need answers before you can move forward?

This course is a mainline into your Soul Purpose and gives you the practical skills to find your course and stay on it! Through Karmic astrology, deep guided meditation, past life regression and healing consciousness mentoring you will connect and heal your soul.  You will also focus on any negative relationships in your life, removing unwanted and draining energies, allowing you to move forward with confidence and greater self belief.


You will learn how to:


Practice deep healing meditations.

Strengthen your intuitive talents follow your true path and soul purpose.

Trust and act on the signs that your soul is giving to you.

Release self sabotaging habits that keep you ‘stuck’ and off track.

Activate your soul purpose and the work you can do: people you should be connecting with, ways to open abundance channels, family and all areas of life for clarity and focus.

Offer includes:

1:1 Karmic Astrology Chart reading. Downloadable Soul Blueprint document with ‘15 key challenges to overcome for happiness and success’. Free download of: Matt Taylors’ ‘20 Stages to Change’ soul e-course with practical activities for step by step, on-going development. 

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7hrs x 1:1 sessions in person or via Skype or 1 full day


(Sessions can be recorded for ongoing practice and review)