Surrender to your soulful intuition and hear the clear whispers within. Re-awaken your higher purpose and reveal a path without confusion and chaos. See your challenges as spiritual work, by transforming your consciousness and revealing a better reality.  Unveil the true depths of your soul and raise your vibration with the certainty that everything you need is already within. Be skilfully guided through the inner work and make space for your ultimate conscious evolution.


Are you suffering from a ‘crisis of fulfilment’? You’ve done everything right but still aren’t satisfied?

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Do you feel as though your chaos could actually be a breakthrough waiting to be revealed?

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Do you need support and direction for a new phase of life?


Have you lost your sense of self through doubt, fear and comparison to others?

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Are you ready to face your challenges with a greater awareness of how they enlighten you?


This intense immersion is for those at a crossroads, who are spiritually connected and ready for answers.  You will be guided through three stages: Revealing your soul purpose, healing your past life and mastering your evolution.  This work will provide answers and healing at the deepest seed level, illuminating your unique purpose and helping you manifest happiness, truth and abundance.  Matt uses a range of healing techniques such as Karmic Astrology, Consciousness coaching, Past life regression, Energy clearing and Chakra healing.


 You will learn how to:


Understand your higher path and what has been created for you.

Overcome challenges from a place of centeredness and balance.

Create your life from a place of certainty and clarity.

Channel your authenticity.

Use your karma and past life experience see your challenges as areas for growth.

Address issues such as self love, self identity, comparisons and over-giving.

Respect your desire for calm, strength, love and peace.

Unblock negative energy and grow into in your power.

Manifest the soul purpose and its intended mission.

Offer includes:

1:1 Karmic Astrology, chart reading. 1:1 Deep Meditation Healing. 3 x 1:1 Soul/Past Life Regression Healing and resetting. Energy cleansing and Chakra healings. Downloadable Soul Blueprint document with ‘20 key challenges to overcome for happiness and success’. Free download of: Matt Taylors’ ‘20 Stages to Change’ soul e-course with practical activities for step by step, on-going development.

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10hrs x 1:1 sessions in person or via Skype or 2 x 5hr days     


(Sessions can be recorded for ongoing practice and review)