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In an increasingly problematic, chaotic world of lack, there seems to be no real solution where all questions are answered and all challenges are solved. With more and more pop-psychologists, self-helpers, coaches and motivators, the world is rising in disconnection, disillusionment and depression. Where are the answers to how we live? How do we connect to solutions? Why can’t we find the inspiration? These are hidden. These answers are within. These solutions are hidden within our soul.

Matt Taylor’s vision is to connect you to the original, ancient kabbalistic, karmic and transcendental high-state consciousness through techniques that empower you with radical transformation so you can rapidly reveal the secrets of your soul for the desired answer that bring purpose to your life.

As a reincarnated karmic alchemist, he created The Matt Taylor Experience and co-created The Next Level Club with the mission to allow space for conscious, loving and respectful growth to heal your pain, challenges and lacks so you that you can quickly tap your highest soul purpose, potential and power to improve every aspect of your life.

Matt’s intentions combined with his past 10 years of praised experience connect you to your best empowerment opportunity to hasten the connection to your soul and begin your unique path to fulfilment both in the big picture of your life and also in the details of your practical, daily routine.

The seven big reasons people choose Matt

He reveals the true purpose of your soul mission so that you have a road map to your life providing immediate clarity, confidence and direction to how you can best share the greatest version of you

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He shares ancient tools, methods and consciousness so you can infuse your soul in every minute of your daily situations to quickly generate a reality based in happiness, love and fulfilment

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He heals your energetic blockages, emotional challenges and robotic reactions by reprogramming your subconscious so that your thoughts, words and actions are instantly strong, proactive and aligned with your goals

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He facilitates respectful conversations to lift your energy intelligence so you can uproot and release your pains, challenges and lacks in order to restore peace, order and simplicity

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He channels simple, accurate and powerful messages so that you are shifted with speed, compassion and precise actions to manifest new and better experiences with absolute certainty

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He empowers you with insights, tools and loving wisdom to build your creative, valued and authentic self so you can live with a powerful, directed and rapidly shifted esteem

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He targets your next level for your ongoing, fast transformation and radical growth so that you continue to move into secure, choice-filled realities

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He balances your receiving and sharing energies so that abundance, miracles and sustenance are attracted in to you as your soul desires


Opportunities exist now to engage Matt as a speaker, panelist, workshop facilitator, host and other options to share his vast experience on a range of topics live, online or pre-packaged

Matt has delivered over 40 practical workshops, more than 20 events with Soho House, countless speaking slots as part of a broader programme and led full day events around the world.

Matt also has his own podcast, guests with others and provides video, social media and traditional media content.

Go to the ‘Work with Me’ page and join Matt on the social media communities below to find out what’s coming up.


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Matt Taylor has had a huge impact on my life and my career. When I first met Matt I was in a place of fear, self doubt and anxiety. My career was stagnating and my relationships were suffering as a consequence. He has helped me re-focus my energy into a positive place and has given me the tools to move forward in my life with balance and lightness.

It’s so easy to get caught up in bad habits and negative ways of thinking, blaming the world for my situation. Matt has helped me transform my negative tendencies into positive ones. And he does it in a way that forces me to look deep within myself and find the answers.

There isn’t a magic wand that he casts on me (as amazing as that would be!). He does it through honest, open dialogue. The result of our work together is my career is now back on track and my interaction with life is filled with joy, always looking for the light no matter how dark the situation seems.

Jonathan Howard’s film work includes a lead role in THOR: THE DARK WORLD for Marvel with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. His television credits include CONVICTION (BBC), DOWNTON ABBEY (ITV 1) and MR SELFRIDGE (ITV 1) amongst other notable theatre and TV roles. He is currently starring in TITANIC for TV in the US.


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We’ve all had times in our lives where we could just do with an answer, some guidance, a steer. We expect that to come from somewhere else; a hidden ‘force’ which will show us the way and lead on the right path.

What Matt does as a consciousness mentor is to help you realise that this force is within you and therefore you are able to understand your relationship with those around you, and ultimately the relationship you have with yourself. I came to Matt feeling completely full to the brim and unable to make a decision on a pathway in my life, which left me feeling scared, confused and lost.

Since my time with him I feel in control, at ease, and able to deal with all in front of my by tackling it with love and understanding. Time with Matt is a journey of discovery, one which you both share and enjoy.

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Kate is now happily in a relationship and shifted from Director, Sales to start her own successful coaching company being invited to speak at many high profile events giving particularly woman direction on their life path opportunities.

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I have been seeing Matt for nearly 5 years and he really is amazing. I started seeing Matt when I hit rock bottom. I was depressed, felt like I was in a black hole I couldn’t get out of, suffering from anxiety and so unhappy with myself and life. I needed help in getting on top of things, getting my confidence and self-esteem back and becoming a healthy person.

I couldn’t have done this without Matt. He taught me how to rebuild myself and how to look at life with a different perspective and become a more positive and strong person. I now love my life and have a great relationship with myself and others and everything has fallen into place. I look forward to every day and what life has in store for me now rather than hating getting out of bed every day.

I still see Matt on a monthly basis and love my sessions with him. They really help. I highly recommend Matt to those who need to get more out of life.

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Elisha manifested 90% of the money needed to buy an apartment in inner London, is dating a nice guy, healed her family relationships and with herself, works from home on her own abundant business plus lives nearly every day with a smile on her face.


Graham Williams

Graham Williams

CEO, Cloudbanter and Board Director of several multi nationals

To create the life you want, there must be a desire to change within. Matt provides you with the best tools for true transformation in order to build the best version of you and therefore contribute to a better world. If you want fulfilment, crave freedom and yearn for happiness, then he is the choice for you.

Robin Haack

Robin Haack

Founder & Head of Commercial Strategy, Naked Energy

After months of intense soul searching, I came across Matt’s karmic astrology reading and past life healing. When I booked the sessions, I still had no clue what to do with my life. Without knowing me, Matt told me that my chart indicated my soul’s purpose to be ‘global crowdfunding for humanity’, which is exactly in line with the business idea that I had a week before the session. Matt’s other advice more generally was absolutely spot on and I couldn’t recommend him more based on my personal experience.


I Want To Change by Matt Taylor

This book shares beautiful, loving ways you can bring balanced change to your life. Different to self-help books, this opens the possibility for an honest look inside in order to empower you with creative potential and complete fulfilment in every important area of your life. This book will take you from the farthest, deepest and most hidden places to move you to a heightened consciousness for wisdomous choices and ultimate triumph.

These 20 unique chapters create the prospect to transform to the new you, that is, the true you and the person you want to be. From this point, this book will empower you to let go of your uncontrolled fate of a victim and change your life to a chosen, desired destiny you master. This book is beyond self-help, it’s at the frontier of the new era of self-awareness.


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