Empower yourself with this illuminating journey into your Soul Purpose. Explore hindering karmic blocks and gain clarity on your strengths and challenges. Harness your spiritual super powers and learn how to recognise and create opportunities to shine!


Are you feeling unfulfilled?

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Maybe there should be more to life?

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Are you coming to the end of a relationship and need to be sure before you leap?

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Do you desperately want to do a job that ‘means something’ but don’t know how to make it happen?

Discover your unique Soul Purpose.  This course will reveal the unique and powerful tools and techniques available to you. Discover your true self, get clarity on the challenges you face (love, sex, money, work and relationships) and harness the power to master them!  Unfold the secrets of your past and present life, understand your karma and discover opportunities in which you can thrive!


You will learn how to:


Use self-healing tools and how to implement them.

Recognise the spiritual ‘must haves’ you need in all aspects of your relationships.

Listen to your soul calling and see how to apply elements in your work life.

Be confident taking steps to align with your soul purpose

Offer includes:

1:1 Karmic Astrology Chart reading. Downloadable Soul Blueprint document with ‘10 key challenges to overcome for happiness and success’. Free download of: Matt Taylors’ ‘20 Stages to Change’ soul e-course with practical activities for step by step, on-going development. 

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5hrs x 1:1 sessions in person or via Skype


(Sessions can be recorded for ongoing practice and review)