Unlock and harness your pure potential with this foundation in meditation and consciousness.  Gain a fresh perspective on negative patterns in your work, life and relationships. Learn the tools to take control of your future!

Are you tired of putting everyone else’s needs before your own?

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Are you seeking clarity on an important life decision?

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Are you questioning your relationships and wondering why you find yourself following the same destructive patterns?

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Are you lacking self belief and confidence and constantly doubting yourself?

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This introductory course will give you a solid foundation in the life changing practice of meditation and will develop your understanding of consciousness.  Matt will guide and illuminate your path to spirituality and help you explore your soul purpose.  Together you will work on important aspects of your life such as taking responsibility, remaining in balance and being your authentic self.


You will learn how to:


Identify the roles that you play if your life and clarify areas for growth.

Explore your strengths and talents and how to maximize them.

Apply your meditation practice in daily life, to assist with stress, sleep quality, public scenarios, creativity and focus.

Use your spiritual practice to improve you relationships.

Recognise the internal stories you play to yourself and learn how to remove the blocks they create.

Offer includes:

Free download of: Matt Taylors’ ‘20 Stages To Change’ soul e-course with practical activities for step by step, on-going development.

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4hrs x 1:1 sessions in person or via Skype


(Sessions can be recorded for ongoing practice and review)