About Matt Taylor

While going through a difficult time last year, I mentioned to a friend that I thought I needed to go to therapy to help me deal with things that were happening, why I was letting them happen and how to cope with them in a better way. She had done an “amazingly accurate” karmic reading with Matt and recommended that I go and see him as he had really helped her. Not really knowing what karmic reading was, I went along and was astounded with Matt’s reading into the karmic history of my soul and the accurate insights that it gave into my present character and my emotional state and thought processes.

With this greater and deeper understanding, Matt was able to offer guidance on how to work into being in a better place to deal with situations. After the impressive Karmic reading, I continued the work with the Past Life Regression readings. Matt facilitated these deep and emotional journeys with his gentle and intuitive manner and the results, for me, have been an incredible liberation of deep fears and negativity to place of peace and acceptance within. I now continue to work with Matt as his guidance as become an essential part of my existence and I am excited to discover what can be achieved with this new understanding.


42, Entrepreneur, Spain

Love this amazing beyond beautiful soul, coach, guide, teacher friend who makes me go from laughing to crying and back to laughing all while remembering how to love and value myself in this particular life time. So grateful. Thank you.


Psychologist, 38, USA, company

After months of intense soul searching, I came across Matt’s karmic astrology reading. When I booked the session, I still had no clue what to do with my life. Without knowing me, Matt told me that my chart indicated my soul’s purpose to be ‘global crowdfunding for humanity’, which is exactly in line with the business idea that I had a week before the session. Matt’s advice more generally was spot on and I couldn’t recommend him more based on my personal experience.


Founder, EvolutionR

Reading Matt’s eBook has been one of the most insightful experiences of my life. He has an amazing way of taking the reader through a journey of self and soul discovery in a non patronising and fulfilling way that is so lost in many self help books and can give him a soul coach endorsement easily.

In fact, what makes this book so special is that it is not a self help book or a quick fix. It is a book that makes you feel that you are with him talking through how to make permanent transformations that will bring you genuine happiness and positive energy into your everyday experience. He show us that the challenges we all face are the important part of life and it is these struggles which gives us the opportunity to transform for the better and make those changes we all are capable.

If you do one thing this year, read this book. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work one to one with Matt and have sent many patients to him, all have come back with the same feeling of calm, openness and a genuine excitement for what is to come, now if we could only ALL feel that way…

Dr Alice Sykes

Food Nutrition, 36, UK, company

I’ve known Matt for over 10 years and it’s been a rewarding and inspiring experience watching his progress, both professionally and personally. Deeply knowledgeable in his chosen skill sets, a first class communicator and delightful person to boot, I applaud his desire to share with and support others. He has committed to being a lead contributor on the upcoming Lessons Learnt information exchange website and I am honoured. Here’s to the next 10 years Matt!


41, Business Owner, Australia, company

To create the life you want, there must be a desire to change within. This book provides you with the best tools for true transformation in order to build the best version of you and therefore contribute to a better world. If you want fulfillment, crave freedom and yearn for happiness, then this is the book choice for you.


Founder, CEO and Board Director of several multi nationals

I was so overwhelmed today with your depth of knowledge. Thank you Matt for the most insightful and life changing astrology session. You were spot on. You rock sir.


57, Ear Specialist, USA

We’ve all had times in our lives where we could just do with an answer, some guidance, a steer. We expect that to come from somewhere else; a hidden ‘force’ which will show us the way and lead on the right path. What Matt does as a consciousness mentor is to help you realise that this force is within you and therefore you are able to understand your relationship with those around you, and ultimately the relationship you have with yourself.

I came to Matt feeling completely full to the brim and unable to make a decision on a pathway in my life, which left me feeling scared, confused and lost. Since my time with him I feel in control, at ease, and able to deal with all in front of my by tackling it with love and understanding. Time with Matt is a journey of discovery, one which you both share and enjoy.


37, Sales, UK

Dear Matt, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I already feel the changes. With simplicity and fun and lightness you succeeded to make me work on essential points and I can organise my life differently now. It’s really great now. I’m looking for an agent and have landed a big project that’s really very strong. I will recommend you.


38, Artist, France

It’s amazing what someone’s gift can do to help you in your life’s journey. Just one word, one phrase can propel you to continue to become a better person for yourself to be more for others. Thank you, Matt!


34, Health Care, USA

For this of you who love all things involved with ‘karmic astrology’, I highly recommend getting in touch with Matt and booking in to have a chart reading with him! I’ve just finished mine. WOW! Incredibly accurate and a superb way to start the year. You won’t be disappointed and it’s super affordable, too! Thanks, Matt!


33, Event Management, UK

Awesome, outstanding astrological readings for my two boys and me. Sweeping us off our feet to instant miracles of life changing event right in time and fir the new year of 2013. You have taken us to a simple personal level of understanding our soul’s purpose and mission. You are so insightful, caring, genuine and have a lot of wisdom to help people understand their lives for transformation and sharing. Just about the very essence of physical essence bridged into the spiritual plane. Beyond words, Matt, and thank you for all these miraculous changes.


53, Social Welfare & Care, USA

Thank you Matt for an awesome karmic astrology chart reading last night, everything he said was so true, and he really opened my eyes … loved it to bits!


28, Sales & Client Services, UK

Thank You Matt for such powerful and accurate insights in the karmic astrology reading on the hows and whys – I am looking forward to bringing healing in several areas of my life after this very intense and rewarding experience with you today.


60, Jewelry and Design, USA

Matt was able to help me achieve the desired results. Managing a hospital and its staff can be challenging with communication and team work required at always critical moments. He was able to pinpoint the problem, give me techniques to try and bring back the control into my work experience. I feel connected and inspired and have used the tools on a daily basis. It has transformed the way we work together.


35, Health Ambassador United Nations, UK

I have known Matt for two years and delighted to give a consciousness mentor endorsement. He has supported me over this time by phone. He has been an incredible help in giving me strategies for dealing with management, recreating processes, taking stress out of busy deadlines and giving me support on a regular basis. He is a great person to talk with and a wonderful coach. I feel better at the end of a session and get results from his ability to help me bring a better experience into my job.


27, Marketing and PR, India

Hi Matt! I just wanted to say thank for the astrology reading. It gave me a lot to work and so very accurate. I look forward to working with you more and more.


53, Corporate Training & Life Coach, Australia

So much gratitude after a ‘Personal Change Karmic Astrology’ session – thinking, feeling, looking over my notes that I took while he explained. He clearly helped me better see parts of my life, especially what I was missing, like certain blockages. And most importantly, he helped me understand how I can fix them. I am stunned, in an inspired and awakened way.


38, Essential Oils Specialist, USA

I feel as if I can achieve what I want if I set my mind to it. My motivation is back and I believe that if any set-backs come along I’ll see them as challenges. My mindset has transformed. My attitude has transformed. Matt, you have been a massive help. It was probably “in me” but you have helped draw it out.


29, Global IT Trainer, France

Matt, thank you so much. You are a healing messenger.

Ligia Grande

39, Dental Business Owner, USA

I am now aware of tools to help me work through emotional situations. I feel calm at work and at home since embarking on these personal sessions. You are a calm, patient and nurturing consciousness mentor. You have practical suggestions, you are reassuring and thought-provoking. I now feel I can ‘let go’.


26, Event Production, UK

A couple of months ago, Matt read my birth chart. As I sat with him, I was amazed with how insightful he was. Matt uncovered aspects of my soul of which I had been previously been blind. He provided to me answers for certain personal issues with which I had been struggling. In the time that has elapsed, I have carried his words with me. To this day, they still influence certain decisions and actions. Matt is an incredibly intuitive and perceptive astrologer. I highly recommend him.


32, High School Teacher, California, USA

Thank you, Matt! I am so grateful for your help and support. Since I started working with you so many great opportunities have presented themselves, both on my inner soul level and my outer life journey. I highly recommend his services. He’s got intuitive gifts that help you see yours. Wow! Thank you again.


25, Holistic Therapy, UK

The astrology reading with Matt and the book ‘I Want to Change’ really builds a desire to change, a healthy desire, in order for you to foresee you real chance at success. It makes you desire to get to work on your life (even someone like me who has some difficult challenges). I am so grateful to know Matt and done this and happy to provide a coach endorsement.


48, Managing Director, Italy

So I get so stuck in my business that I’m in pain. I can’t think of anything better but call Matt for help. Things just went dead; no new jobs coming in, old jobs that did come evaporated like into space and things are just looking bad. Well who if not Personal Change Astrology for the rescue?

In no time, Matt gets straight to the point. He pin points where that blockage is to a surgeon knife accuracy, hands me simple, clear, step-by-step instructions how to fix the issue and even finds what judgment I created in the past to bring it all about.

Can you imagine that huge relief? No gloom no hopeless but a simple clear way out! And up! And wait, that’s not even it! Kidding you not, as I am trying to digest the change, the work, haven’t even completed applying the first step out. In less than 24 hours from the reading the phone starts ringing like it hasn’t in a while! Old customers I let go of, new customers out of the blue, returning jobs. And work hasn’t even begun.



38, Marketing & Creative Design, USA

My reading with Matt was life changing. I was skeptical at first as I’ve had my astrological chart done before and found it a bit contradictory. It was so spot on and helped me see the negative patterns that I have in a new light. This has freed me up to appreciate my own uniqueness, see my negative patterns as challenges to learn from, and appreciate my qualities and strengths.

I’ve started to implement positive changes in the way I conduct myself around relationships and business and feel a lot happier as a result.

I would recommend Matt to anyone.

Daniel Browne

37, Strategy Consultant and Business Coach, Best selling Author of the Energy Equation, UK

Matt is one of the best mentors and astrologers I’ve come across yet. Contact him on Facebook at The Matt Taylor Experience.


Mum & Coach, 36, USA

Usually I am posting testimonials about my clients. Today I want to post one about the brilliant astrologist, Matt. This guy is really good and helped me break through a bunch of lifelong, or should I say Soul- long (aka karmic ), issues in a couple of sessions.

I highly Recommend HIM!


Healer, 46, USA

Whether you believe in astrology or think it’s a bunch of hooey, good advice is still good advice. Listen to his suggestions.


35, Business Woman, USA

I have been seeing Matt for nearly 3 years and he really is amazing. I started seeing Matt when I hit rock bottom. I was depressed, felt like I was in a black hole I couldn’t get out of, suffering from anxiety and so unhappy with myself and life. I needed help in getting on top of things, getting my confidence and self-esteem back and becoming a healthy person.

I couldn’t have done this without Matt. He taught me how to rebuild myself and how to look at life with a different perspective and become a more positive and strong person. I now love my life and have a great relationship with myself and other and everything has fallen into place. I look forward to every day and what life has in store for me now rather than hating getting out of bed every day.

I still see Matt only a monthly basis and love my sessions with him. They really help. I highly recommend Matt to those who need to get more out of life.


40, Massage Therapist, UK

One of the best experiences I have had in my life is to have met Matt. He has helped me open new possibilities in my relationships and in business issues. I am so grateful to have crossed you in my life! He has helped me clear energy blockages I had and my path in life is much clearer now.


42, Cosmetic and Product Business Owner, Spain

Wow what a journey I’ve begun with the expert, Matt. Fantastic session.

Matt is clear & concise with his instructions. Starting off with deep breathing following which I can only describe as entering into a mystical world in a meditative state. At one point during his meditation direction, I felt this massive surge of energy source through my solar plexus. I can only describe like a boom of light. I felt the light source energy course through me with great inspiration in relation to the answers I was focused on for my meditation session.

I highly recommend Matt’s session on transcendental meditation whether you’re soul searching, looking for clarity on a subject or wishing to gain inner peace and happiness. His session is truly amazing & reaps lots of benefits.


30, Nurse, UK

Matt Taylor recently spoke to our writing retreat group in France. He is insightful and entertaining. I love his Matt Taylor Meditation App (available through the App Store) for mediations, too.


40, Author, Writer's Coach, USA

If you are looking for an awesome healing experience you must connect with this marvellous guy; his voice and charisma create unique healing techniques.


32, Healer, Colombia

I had a great Karmic Astrology reading with Matt this morning discussing how to overcome these influences in my life. In my Past Life session, I finally felt like I am beginning to get real perspective.

I was struck by the feelings I got during the process and I know it’s part of me getting out of my head and always depending on words and tuning into feeling more. I shall see how I get on with putting my work into practice the next few weeks and breaking a few cycles and reactive systems. I look forward to doing another one for sure.

Thank you!


Performer, Monaco

I loved the ancient meditations for modern times, the different tools that Matt has used, mixed with his infinite wisdom has been super enlightening. I wish so many miracles to everyone and the ability to see it every day in our lives. We love you Matt Taylor.


45, Childcare, UK

I am new to meditation and to me it was all beautiful!


30, Musician, USA

I really enjoyed the meditation and loved the way it all came together with the Babylonian Tarot card you pulled and learning from the pages you opened in the Zohar and the Ancient Symbols books. I look forward to the next Ancient Meditations online programme.


52, Reiki Practitioner, France

Wow! Recently in a meditation provided by the wonderful Matt Taylor I was able to connect to my life purpose.


55, Messenger, Spain

I love giving Matt money! I love his meditations, talks, sessions as they are invaluable.


23, Dancer, France

I feel so empowered.


35, Architecture Design, France