Stepping into your New Reality with Matt Taylor & Kate Taylor
By Matt Taylor
Kate Taylor, Empowerment & Creativity Coach takes a moment to grab a tea and chat with me about the challenges, tools and consciousness for stepping into your next reality. I’m really happy to share with Kate as she was one of my first clients from 10 years ago who stepped into her new reality with the consciousness of ancient sages. Kate now supports women with their new paths and keeps the ripple of the work alive and flowing.

Taking the initial steps into authentic, unique and important personal creations can be bring up all of our doubts, fears and anxieties in a world of increasingly less room for error. Find out how we overcame various issues with practical tools and higher consciousness in order to create into a new reality and take the first uncomfortable steps.

Join us as we share our personal, real life journeys so that you have some more tips to move into your authentic new reality.

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