Astrology Today – The Respected 2022 Astrology Forecast – Part 1
By Matt Taylor

Astrology Today | Respected Astrology Forecast for 2022 – Part 1 with Matt Taylor

Tuesday 11 January 2022

This is a recording of my live and interactive ClubHouse room every Monday & Wednesday at 10pm CET/9pm UK & 4pm EST.

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Astrology Today

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Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor has nearly 15 years experience working with Middle Eastern royalty, business leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, health professionals, psychologists, designers, creatives, models, entertainers, sales and marketing, techs, lawyers, doctors, environmentalists, coaches, healers, project managers, actors, performers and the list goes on. He specialises in coaching, karmic and kabbalistic astrology, past life regression, ancestry and family constellations, dream psyche interpretation, angelic healing and Babylonian tarot.

The Astrology Sessions


What is it?

Karmic and Kabblistic Astrology is the original astrology as the masters intended. It has nothing to do with conventional astrology, horoscopes or the folly of predictiveness. This light-filled tool reveals the highest level of your soul providing clear, aligned & creative solutions to your life. This astrology answers all questions around your experience, purpose and opportunity with incredible precision so that you have high-level clarity around your true purpose in this reality.

Why do it?

Karmic and Kabbalistic Astrology can provide answers to all questions. The chart will also give you the ‘why’ something is happening so you can gain a deep, fulfilling and transparent understanding of your challenges to begin conscious actions of change in the right direction. The consciousness of a Karmic and Kabblistic Astrology reading is to share how you can break free from your astrological programme and manifest the experiences you truly want. This reading puts you on the path to control, freedom and creativity so you can feel the master of your destiny again.

How will this help me, now?

If you have a question similar or the same as one or more of these questions below, then this session is for you.

What do I bring from my past life?

What is the higher purpose of my life?

What am I here to transform and master?

Why am I blocked from achieving more and connecting to my potential?

Why am I experiencing these particular issues and how do I resolve them

Why do I have these family and soul partner situations?

What are the best areas of focus and shifting in order to reveal more light in my life?

In order to have a chart reading you need your date, place and approximate time of birth. If you can’t get your time of birth we can work around it. This is enough to see your soul and reveal the higher energetic work required in this life.

Natal Karmic Astrology Reading

This is the recommended reading for all and is the best place to start your journey. It’s highly recommended as the first session so that you have clarity in all aspects of your life in one hour.

Relationship & Family Reading

This is a recommended reading for those seeking to resolve karmic work in their close relationships and family. This helps you understand the nature of the relationship and how to reveal transformation so that you can work through soul contract arrangements with mastery.

Annual Progressed Reading

This session reveals the karmic issues you are going through now and over the next twelve months so that you understand and reveal their purpose so that you can win the challenges. This session prepares you by alerting you to chaos so that you remain in the driver seat of your life with tools, consciousness and options to navigate the year. These sessions are designed for you to have once a year however it’s recommended to have your natal chart read first.

Location Reading

This session provides detailed information about the karma related to your place of birth, the different locations you may have lived and future options that might exist for you. This chart reading allows you to have a greater understanding of situations and experiences you will go through according to geographic location providing a lot of clarity and wisdom.

Astrology Session Info

One hour sessions – by video call or in person. You can record the session. £111.00 Pay on this link and register now for any of the above or email me for bank transfer numbers.

Book sessions or for more information, registration for sessions and contact with me please go to


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