Welcome to the Matt Taylor Experience’s Soul Pod Party
By Matt Taylor
The purpose of the Soul Pod Party is to bring together a community for discussion, interaction and the sharing of ideas around karmic, esoteric and spiritual work.

Dissemenating content through social media and feeds gives me the opportunity to connect with an audience around the world who want high quality content that holds the secrets to changing lives.

I am excited to open this party with open doors so you can have tools to improving your life in a fun, uplifting and enjoyable way with deep explanations and solutions to common problems.

Come and join the fun as I share consciousness coaching, karmic astrology, past life regression work, family constellation tools, deep guided meditations and mindfulness.

Remember to press ‘follow’ and ‘share’ in order to create a community and world of mindful, happy people revealing their purpose.

Love to you!

Matt Taylor

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