Unearthing Your Diamond Within – Expanding to Become Unlimited – Activation Workshop with Matt Taylor & Kate Taylor
By Matt Taylor

Expanding  to Become Unlimited

Unearthing the Diamond Within – A two-hour workshop.

In this live online two hour coaching workshop join life design and empowerment coach Kate Taylor, and Karmic Alchemist Matt Taylor, as we explore the seven key steps to stepping into your limitless potential.

Moving beyond restriction and into expansion

In a life of your own energetic lockdown it can be difficult to move beyond the self-imposed restrictions. Dissatisfaction and dis-ease lead to the restrictive binds we place on our abilities and dreams, and disconnects you from your full sense of joy and potentiality.

To feel the expansiveness is also to embrace fullness of the internal to reflect out on the external, and come from a place of being at ease, and living life in full satisfaction. When we tune into – and trust – in our super powers; our inner wisdom from which there are no real restrictions. Our expansion into inner wisdom becomes our own inner well of limitlessness.

Open to inspiration and limitless possibility

What you will learn during the Expansion to Becoming Unlimited Workshop:

In this Activation Workshop we shall explore the spaces we can take ourselves to when we discover our unique light to create trust and certainty in who we are, and who we can become. Matt & Kate will guide you through the seven key steps that navigate your away from your limitations and into limitlessness. We will provide you with reflection exercises, tools, guidance and resources that you will be able to use in all areas of your life

What you will gain and take away with you in this workshop:

  • Understanding where your limitations and restrictions are showing up in the narratives and stories that are keeping you held back.

  • Where the constant need for fitting in and being accepted by all around you is restricting the full capacity for joy and creative self expression

  • Finding out what is your superpower and who is your saboteur

  • The three common roots of pain which will keep you in limitation, and how to move through them

  • How you can activate your greatness and join the Smile High Club 

About the Activation Workshop Series

The Activation Sessions are monthly online sessions hosted by Life Design & Empowerment Coach Kate Taylor and Karmic Alchemist, Matt Taylor. Kate & Matt combine practical and spiritual schools of thought in a powerful blended approach of the mind / body connection with ancient technologies to transform everyday challenges into everyday magic.

Expect miracles.

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